It's been a hectic week at the Bearhug HQ , since the release of our summer collection we've been swamped with getting your pre orders printed and ready. Many of us have detoxed on the evenings by binging Stranger Things 4 and even that was stressful, Duffer bros if you're reading this those cliff hangers were just damn right uncalled for. However, I guess it鈥檚 nice to be brought back to the 80鈥檚 and reminded of simpler times (except for one, who was born in 98 *cough* *cough* Jay). Don鈥檛 worry we aren't gonna drop any spoilers, because some of us (not pointing fingers) haven鈥檛 even watched it yet, fake ass fans鈥 Speaking of Stranger Things, we recently uploaded a set of questions to our instagram asking you guys to tell us what you鈥檝e been watching at the minute and whether you would rock a tee with a character from that show printed onto. We had a mashup of responses but Stranger Things and The Boys were clear winners, about 99% of you said hell f*ck*ng yeah to seeing a character from those shows on a tee, this one geezer said no鈥 but i reckon they鈥檙e just having a bad day.聽

Screen printing press at The Bearhug HQ

One things for sure, the weather is peaking. The warehouse is beaming with sunlight at the minute which is good for the vibes, of course us being northern folk ( *uhem* unlike Jay the southern softie) we tend to shy from the sun,聽 like John Snow we spend the day in our fur coats sipping yorkshire tea but our dyer wolf Whiskey is far more loyal ;). All jokes aside, we could definitely do with a soak in the sun, a few of us have recently come back from some sunny excursions. Lou was lucky enough to get tickets to download fest this year, a cracking line up that was definitely one not to be missed with the likes of Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, Steel Panther and Biffy Clyro being some of her favourites from the weekend. Katy has recently got back from Florida and she seems so happy being back in the grim north (honestly I kind of feel sorry for her), she wasn鈥檛 the same after that holiday, its like going from a Marks and Spencer meal deal to a cold sausage roll from Greggs, levels. Since we鈥檝e all been back and grinding away we鈥檝e noticed the huge amount of pre orders swarming the site, most of which have been love for our new Walking Pals tee with almost all sizes sold out! (*insert shock face*). We are all working extremely hard to ensure we get you lot kitted out in some fresh Bearhug gear in time for summer, word on the street is, we might even have some new sample designs tested and ready by July time ;) stay peeled.

Katy and Lou doing their thang

The Bearhug Team


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